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Instrumental Music


Concert Band: Concert band plays music of an upper junior high through college level.

Jazz Ensemble: Jazz Ensemble is a group of selected members of concert band and orchestra. It provides students the opportunity to experience music of the jazz idiom. Perform at contests, school events and for area businesses.

Orchestra: Orchestra students will play music of an upper junior high through college level.

String Ensemble: Composed of select orchestra students. Students will play music of an advanced to very advanced level.

Pep Band: Composed of students in concert band, orchestra and choir. They will play for varsity boys' and girls' home basketball games. All music students are welcomed.

Music Theory: This class is designed for the purpose of exposing students to the fundamentals of music. This class is a priority for students aspiring to obtain high musical understanding.

Advanced Placement Music Theory: This class is a college preparatory course designed to prepare students for an A/P examination and college music theory application.

Music Ministry: Students in this class will learn the fundamentals of leading a congregation into praising and worshipping God. They will learn why we worship and what worship is.

The following ensembles are composed of students in the concert band. Students have the opportunity to perform at contests, school events, area businesses, etc.

  • Brass Choir
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Flute Choir
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Saxophone Choir
  • Woodwind Choir

Vocal Arts


Choir: This course will teach students the joy of singing and how to develop their voice. The class is designed to improve each student's musical ability. They perform at concerts, contests, and school events.

Show Choir: This course is a group of selected members from the high school choir, by audition only. It provides students the opportunity to experience show choir music and choreography from all eras. Students perform at concerts, contests and in the community.


Theatre Arts

Singin in the Rain

Drama: Students learn to communicate through speech, writing and nonverbal ways. They develop skills in concentration, problem solving and group interaction. Drama brings focus and attention, imagination, discipline, control, energy and memory skills to the student.


Visual Arts


The Upper School Art Department at Christian Life School offers a variety of art courses for creative art enthusiasts as well as serious art scholars.

The Elements and Principles of Art courses provide artistic instruction in a variety of mediums and techniques in both 2-D and 3-D format. More experienced students can enroll in Advanced and Portfolio courses. In addition, Christian Life School offers two AP Studio Art courses: Studio Drawing and Studio 2-D. The Studio 2-D course incorporates Photoshop, Illustrator and Computer Drawing into the curriculum.

Christian Life Upper School art students have had the pleasure of having an annual exhibit at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin.