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See you at the pole

As principal of the Upper School, I've seen many students pass in and out of our school. I've seen them grow through junior high and into high school. I've talked with them when they've returned after graduation to tell of their successes in life: their graduation from college, their marriage, or their first child. I've mentored them through their trials, as well—from struggles in the athletic arena to struggles in the classroom. And through all this, I am continually reminded of the blessing they are to our school.

Without students, a school is little more than a husk. At Christian Life, we are more than merely aware of this reality—we live it. As I walk the halls each day, listening to the lively discussion emanating from the classrooms and watching our enthusiastic staff interact with their classes, I've noticed how the teachers here are interested in more than a student's academic life. Our teachers desire to build lasting relationships with their students. In our classrooms, students can find adults who wish to know them personally—and teach them to grow spiritually and socially.

Our curriculum is designed to develop a whole person, which is why we offer more than just your standard class fare. We are a college preparatory school, offering six AP classes, six honors classes, and a variety of electives. Our music department is nationally known, offering band, jazz band, choir, and orchestral classes. The drama department provides many opportunities for student involvement, with their annual play and musical. Our Bible courses train the students in the way of the Lord.


A school is about the students. Our chapels are relevant and student led, designed to meet the needs of today's teenager. Our student activities are fun and vibrant, including a school-wide paintball tournament, the tux-and-dress of our winter formal, the wildness of homecoming, and the excitement of turnabout. We also offer ten varsity sport. Our teams have won 32 Conference Championships between 2000 and 2007.

Our successes as a school have been the successes of our student body. As a school, we are honored to be a part of your child's life—and look forward to their return when they smile and say, once again, "Look what I've achieved."

Troy Tennyson

T. Troy Tennyson
Upper School Principal